Aqua Zorbing

Our Aqua Zorb Ball is here to turn your water time into a hilarious adventure. Roll, spin, and splash your way to a day filled with endless fun! Who says you can't walk on water and have a ball doing it?

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Aqua Zorbing
Zorb Ball
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Attractions T&Cs and Rules & Regulations for Aqua Zorbing


Activity Rules:

·        Maximum capacity: 1 guest at a time.

·        Guests must be at least 12 years old; below 18 accompanied by a parent/guardian.

·        Proper attire required during the ride.

·        Guests must wear provided life jacket and ensure it fits.

·        Strict prohibition of loose and valuable articles, sharp items & media-related equipment (phones, selfie sticks, go-pro cameras, etc.) during the ride.

·        Guests must be able to help themselves during emergencies if required by staff.



·        Participant must follow the general park rules and regulations for Quayside, twentyfive7.

·        Smoke-free area; tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vaping allowed only in designated smoking areas.

·        Strictly no trespassing inside the perimeter.

·        No food and beverages during the activity.

·        Pets are not allowed inside the perimeter.

·        Guests under the influence of drugs or alcohol are strictly prohibited.

·        No littering; keep the environment clean and dispose of waste in designated trash cans.

·        The operation of Aqua Zorbing may be delayed or postponed depending on the weather at the time in Quayside, Twentyfive.7.

·        Aqua Zorbing strictly prohibited for:

         Pregnant individuals

         Those with heart conditions

         Those with serious back problems

         Those prone to motion sickness/vertigo

         Those with aquaphobia

         Those with claustrophobia

         Those with health problems making them more vulnerable to injury.

·        Prohibition of dangerous acts, behaviors, or items.

·        Guests are liable for damages/breakages to equipment and facilities.

·        Guests must adhere to instructions from staff.

·        Non-compliance with rules will result in eviction from Quayside, twentyfive7.

·        The Management of Quayside, twentyfive7. shall not be liable for any lost, misplaced, or stolen belongings, and for any death, injury, damage, or loss howsoever caused at Quayside, twentyfive7.

·        Operation hours of Quayside, twentyfive7: 3.00pm to 11.00pm daily, closed every Wednesday except on Malaysia School Holiday(s) and Public Holiday(s).

·        Visitors must produce Identity Card (I.C) for verification purpose at the Ticketing Counter.

·        A valid e-ticket(s) / pre-printed ticket(s) must be produced upon arrival prior to proceed with this activity.

·        The ticket is NOT refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other forms of legal tender or voucher of other denominations.

·        This ticket is not valid with any other on-going promotions or discounts.

·        The Management of Quayside, twentyfive7. reserves the right to vary and amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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Location Quayside 257